11/11 Gateway Energy Download + Full Moon Gathering

Monday, November 11th



Join us for a 11/11 Ritual Manifestation to connect to this Cosmic Gateway the night before the Taurus Full Moon! Full Moon energy is afoot three days before and after the Full Moon. 

Master Number 11 is alive and active with great influence throughout all of November! It is a master number associated with Higher Realms, Spiritual Awakenings, Activating your Intuition and Your Power to Manifest. Downloading your Highest Life Vision

Get the intel on the power of this cosmic gateway. I'll be pulling cards for the group as a whole.
Everyone will get their own 11/11 Divine Download by just being in the room.
Bring a magical notebook and pen, and blanket to get cozy.
$29 (2 +9 =11)

Register Now www.tatianascavnicky.com/work-with-me

Heal the Inner Child Reiki Circle

Join us on Wednesdays at 7:00


Many of us continue to suffer from deep rooted issues stemming from dysfunction in our childhood. Mind-Body Researchers have found that we may become emotionally stuck at the age we received the least amount of love. We may wonder why when things go wrong in life that we revert back to that same lonely, distraught, fearful child from a time so long ago. We may cry easier, withdraw quicker, lean on others more excessively. The inner child is screaming for affection, security, and unconditional love.


♡On Wednesday, we will gather together as a small group and allow the loving energy from healing touch Reiki and a guided meditation to release hurt so that we can move forward in life with peace of mind and an open heart.

♡Invest in yourself: $20 cash
Limited spots available. Please reserve your spot in advance by messaging Angela at 313-333-5888

♡You may chose to receive Reiki sitting or lying. Bring whatever you need to be comfy (ie: pillow, yoga mat, knee supports, meditation cushion, blanket, eye covers)

♡Doors open at 6:45

Candlelight Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation

Join us for an incredible sound healing session on Sunday at @ 6:30

Only $20/pp (cash please), limited space available. Please make sure you RSVP to Meribah Katherine Oleksy by messaging her at 248-785-8844 to reserve your spot!

Please wear comfortable exercise or yoga clothing and bring a mat, pillow, and eye cover. Notebook for journaling

What are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Singing Bowls produce a harmonization between their vibration and that of the human vibration. Vibrational medicine works on the principle of Resonance. Resonance is the capacity of a certain vibration to produce a response in something with a similar vibration. The vibration of Crystal bowls has the capacity to make atoms vibrate and reorganize themselves in a crystalline structure. The sound waves from the crystal bowls will affect the whole individual in a holistic manner, balancing the energetic body, chakras and then clearing the auric field. The vibration excites the spinal cord which acts as a strong resonance vehicle sending the waves through the nervous system, cells, tissue and organs. The vibrations brings the individuals listening & playing into heightened states of consciousness because of the effect on inter-neuronal connections. The sound waves produced by the bowls induce a state of relaxation similar to the practice of long term meditation.

How will Singing Bowls make me feel?

The people who experience the effects of the crystal bowls describe it as a deep physical and mental relaxation, sensations of floating and wellbeing. The experience can unblock and dissolve energetic and physical obstructions in the physical and astral body and thus is a therapeutic tool for deep healing.

Science Behind how it works

Modern quantum theory tells us that everything is essentially energy. When two quantum of similar vibration are united matter is formed, meaning all matter is composed of different frequency particles in movement. So too, all organic forms are created by quantum with similar vibrations, our bodies, organs, muscles, tissue etc. If bacteria or any other organism with a different vibration enters our bodies, it alters the vibrational model producing illness. This is where sound therapy gives the best results as it can realign the affected tissue.


Jin Shin Jyutsu with Kim

🌿MEET Kim Arnal! She is offering energy healing sessions called Jin Shin Jyutsu on Tuesdays!

🌿☆♡This is her story☆♡
My love for energy work started 10 years ago when someone offered me the gift of Reiki and I loved the experiences that I had with it. Later in life after having a child I experienced some health challenges that ranged from autoimmune to vascular disorders and was guided to Jin Shin Jyutsu . The mental and physical healing that I received from it was enough to make a believer out of me and eventually a practitioner, passionate to help others heal themselves

🌿 This art balances and harmonizes the body through light relaxing touch . Self care is recommended and can be used to strengthen the results depending on the client’s project. Examples range from stroke,heart attack, respiratory, depression,autism, viral, immune support, acne or anxiety. It’s great for all ages, even children and animals! Come see me every Tuesday at the Plymouth Angel Attic!

To schedule an appointment with Kim call or message 734-904-9422



Therapeutic Massage & Life Coaching

Defeated, Exhausted, Overworked, Under-appreciated, and Completely Deflated. Those were words I use to describe myself. There was nothing left to give, leading to anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and lack of sleep.
I had hit rock bottom! The way I was feeling was straining my marriage and causing tension in our whole family. This is not the mom and wife I had envisioned being!I kept falling deeper into this dark hole. I knew there was so much more, but I didn’t have the tools to get there.
I did all the conventional things you could think of to feel better: Motrin, Vitamins, Chiropractors, and MANY different specialist-who didn’t seem to listen or really care. This lead to prescriptions which in turn lead to other and even more serious side effects!
People would say: "You have so much to be grateful for," "Be positive," "Fake it till you make it," "Things will get better," "You are doing such a great job," and "Stop being so hard on yourself."


But the truth is….
It wasn’t until I found regular self-care, essential oils, massage, meditation, and life coaching that I started to notice a real difference in my life. I felt ALIVE!!!
I had so many people that depended on me, so it was not easy to put myself first. But when I made the choice to show up and say "YES" to myself, I found it made me a better mom, wife, massage therapist and life coach! 


Now I want to help YOU find balance in your life, to love yourself again, and to help you take a look at the patterns in your life that may be responsible for the pain in your body. Finding this balance in my own life has made helping you possible because YOU CAN live a life that you enjoy!!!

Please check in with me over at www.plymouthwellnesstree.com to view a list of my services and book your game-changing appointment. I look forward to meeting you! 

Cara Truax






Holy Fire Reiki with Tamara

Tamara is available for Holy Fire Reiki Sessions.Please call or text at 760-484-2434 to schedule your Reiki session. $50 for 1 hour session and $30 for 30 minutes session.


Hi! I am Tamara, I am a Reiki practitioner with Reiki Holy Fire training and going for my Reiki Master training. I also have Reiki training for animals and communication. I am from Brazil and have been living in Michigan since 2009. I speak Portuguese and English.

I was introduced to Reiki by my Mom who is a Reiki Master. Growing up in a spiritual environment helped me to develop my spirituality early in life and I am really happy for that. As a child in school, I was always very nervous about taking tests and would have a hard time concentrating. My mom would perform Reiki on me before school on the day of a test and I remember feeling much more calm and able to concentrate. Reiki really helped me improve in school. Then after a motorcycle accident that disabled me from walking for 3 months, my Mom would perform Reiki on me daily. I couldn’t imagine how long my recovery would have been if I didn’t have my Mom with her magical, miracle Reiki hands to minimize my pain and speed up my healing. From these experiences, I learned and developed a great passion for Reiki and helping others to feel the amazing energy of Reiki and how it can really heal and do miracles!

I can’t wait to help you to feel the enormous love and energy of Reiki in your life. Blessings from Reiki!🙏

Spirited Messages with Tatum

Date: Friday, December 13th


Time: 5:00-7:00

Location: Angel Attic Holistic Haven

Tatum Strieter is an experienced intuitive medium who channels Spirit and those who have passed on in order to bring closure and peace to her clients. Tatum has a passion for helping others which can be seen when she works with each of her clients. She has a true gift for understanding people and bringing them the answers and peace that they are searching for. As a child, Tatum knew that she had intuitive abilities however she repressed them out of fear. It was not until later in life that she began to become more comfortable with her abilities and her energy. In learning to become more comfortable with energy work, Tatum studied reiki and intuitive healing. Tatum offers intuitive readings which combine her psychic and mediumship gifts, tarot and oracle card readings as well as her passion for energy healing.

20 Min Reading~ $40
30 Min Reading ~ $60

Please contact Tatum to schedule your session. (517) 260-1678 or tatum.strieter@yahoo.com

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