Meet Angela Walsh

Hello and welcome to my site!  I truly feel like fate has brought you here. You are worthy of being and feeling healthy, happy, and whole.  You possess the ability to heal yourself from within. 


It is my dream that the Angel Attic Holistic Haven can be a supportive environment that can cultivate your path to wellness and assist you in healing on any level -- physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.
I feel as though I am divinely guided to supporting you on this amazing journey toward health and a sense of well-being. Please let me share my gift with you.

I am a Holistic Occupational Therapist (OT), Pulsed Magnet Practitioner, Qualified Mental Health Professional, and a Holy Fire Reiki Master & Teacher. I have 10+ years of experience of working in a variety of settings including:


  • hospitals

  • school districts

  • community mental health clinics

  • private homes 


Through these diverse experiences, I have come to realize that maximum health is obtained when the mind, body and soul are all functioning in the best way possible. I am enthusiastic and passionate about using a variety of holistic approaches to improve healing, recovery, and prevent disease in persons of all ages.

Holistic OT is focused on using complementary and integrative health techniques to treat the whole person while strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection. This type of therapy is based on the belief that unconditional love and support is the most powerful healing tool. So many factors truly go into why a person feels the way that they do, properly identifying the root cause of the illness, and prevention the of dis-ease in the body/mind. The primary goal of Holistic OT is to gain proper balance in life. Angela is committed to treating the whole person and fully supporting your quest for optimal health and wellness.  


“OT supports everybody with all the beautiful skin colors, physical and mental abilities, faith and spirituality, and all gender and sexual preferences that make up humanity. Occupational Therapists embrace all of the unique gifts that everyone brings the world.”


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(313) 333-5888

383 Starkweather
Plymouth, Michigan 48170